Conquer DAZ Studio Lighting NOW, Put an End to Your Frustrations and Trial & Error!

Updated For DAZ Studio 4.7+

Are you a new or intermediate DAZ Studio 3D artist looking for a way to immediately get rid of that nagging feeling of not knowing what you need to do and then how to do it when it comes to 3D lighting? If you're fed up with frustrating and time consuming trial & error and random results then read on. I'll tell you exactly how you can create beautiful lighting faster, easier and with more confidence and control than ever. It's time you start feeling proud of your art and get people to ask you how you did it...      


Hi, I'm Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar B., creator of the 3D Light Master Training Program and founder of Dreamlight, world leading authority in helping new and intermediate DAZ Studio artists love their art and income since 2005.

I've been teaching 3D lighting since 2005, and I've helped over 50,000 DAZ Studio artists really GET the concept of lighting. I've shown them exactly what it takes to produce realistic and beautiful lighting time after time, scene after scene - regardless of what software or tools they are using.

No more trial and error or random results...

These are REAL results, created by and for real artists...


"Your class has improved both my understanding of 3D lighting, and my confidence in my ability to light my scenes and produce art I can be proud of. I have found your class to be well-designed, intelligent, and if you'll excuse the expression, illuminating.",

Angela Knight - 3D artist, New York Times bestselling author

Demystifying The Myths

What about the cool tools available – such as radiosity and realistic render engines – don't they give great results?  

Yes and no. YES, when you start with good lighting. Absolutely NOT when you use these tools to enhance an existing mess. Years of experience have shown me that what you put into a fancy tool is exactly what you get out of it!

Don't I need a expensive 3D software to get better lighting? NO, you don't! Software is nothing more than a tool. Software won't fix poor lighting.

Don't I need a super-fast, monster computer? Nope. Again, your computer is just a tool. You can produce exceptional lighting with an older computer, as long as you know what you're doing.

Can't I figure it out from a free video tutorial or free e-book?

I'm sorry to tell you that it's just not gonna happen. As with any other skill, true mastery of DAZ Studio lighting takes combining the right training with practice and repetition.

It's that simple.

Can't I do this on my own? Sure, if you're willing to struggle for years, just like I did.

The lessons I'll teach you will shorten your learning curve and literally shave years off your 3D lighting education.

Plus, if you're working on your own what do you do if you get stuck? I used to waste hours on fixes that experienced artists could solve in minutes.

How do I know all this? I've been coaching DAZ Studio artists for a decade, and I've seen the same patterns over and over.

Those who really make it as artists are those who embrace new knowledge and put it into action with the right kind of supervision. In a really short period of time, these guys really GET it.

If you're not there yet, don't worry because…


You're Not Alone!

I've was there myself, for years, frustrated and praying that my renders would at least look half as good as the ones I saw in the movies after I clicked 'Render.'

I was relying on trial on error - and stubbornness! - to light my images.

After a few years, I started to make some progress. I hit on a few products that began to make a real difference in the way I worked. Finally, I was able to leverage my 25+ year background as a professional camera man, photographer and video editor and to create professional-looking animated scenes.

In fact, I got so good that people started to ask me to teach my DAZ Studio lighting techniques.  

Suddenly, other people who had struggled for years were telling me that my lessons helped them finally GET IT. They were producing scenes that were light-years ahead of what they'd been doing.

I was pretty sure that what I've discovered was…


The Missing Link


I realized that everyone was missing the CORE of DAZ Studio 3D lighting...

And so 3D Light Master was born!

3D Light Master breaks down DAZ Studio lighting into its smallest components and teaches them one at a time - so that you REALLY GET IT.

It’s the basics, presented in an easy-to-understand method, like never before...

And it works.

It works every time - and it works with every kind of scene you can imagine, both indoors and outdoors.


"Dreamlight's lighting training is exactly how I would teach someone to do lighting.  The expert advice is obviously derived from years of practical experience. Having someone to show you how to light and then explain why things work is the fastest way to truly learn the in's and out's of this essential skill.",

Michael Ambruso - Professional 3D Artist


Light Master narrows down 3D lighting to just 2 things:

1. EXACTLY what you need to know – no more, no less
2. How to USE this knowledge to get immediate results

The truth is: you don’t need to learn everything!

In fact, trying to learn everything will only frustrate you and add years on to your training.

That's why Light Master is such an amazing product. It will show you EXACTLY what you need to learn to immediately start producing professional-looking lighting - no more, no less.